I design useful and enjoyable interactive experiences for people while being committed to solving hard problems with simple solutions. Let’s talk, email me at jasonquintin@gmail.com.

Currently I am user experience designer for Comcast Connected Health within Strategic Development Department. We are focused on building innovative new products, developing partnerships*, and making health content for Payors, providers and ultimately improving the experience for all healthcare consumers.

For the nearly four years I was a lead designer at AMI Entertainment Network, one of the oldest jukebox companies & a pioneer in on-premise entertainment. Together we have been working on redefining what a jukebox can do & exploring how people interact in public spaces.

Prior to that I was a founding Partner/Principal Designer at Rowhouse Media. Where we helped a variety of clients grow their online presence & provided them with the training and tools to maintain and grow their businesses.

What Services I can help you with

  • Interaction Design
    A key area of focus in my design process is to ensure the best interaction for each situation to guide the user, as this is essential in creating engaging and effective experiences.
  • Concepting
    My interests in many different fields has helped me to stay curious, open and flexible. These attributes have been essential in concepting of ideas. I started my career as a web designer. Although I’m no longer a consider myself a full stack developer, my coding knowledge gives me the ability to prototype even complex ideas.
  • Responsive & Responsible Design
    I have gained a lot of experience designing and building many responsive websites. I have developed a personal approach to testing different solutions that has brought me to design mostly in the browser.
  • Creative Direction
    I believe a story can be brought to life with the right combination of copy, images and animation. Every story deserves a unique approach to reach people in an engaging way.

Personally Speaking

I live historic Philadelphia with my fiancee Wife Kate and our Feist/cattlemutt Mihra. During my free time you can usually find me tinkering with motorcycles, roasting coffee, (attempting to) tackle some home renovations, buried in comic books, or challenging myself in Crossfit. Other than that I just really enjoy everything Philly has to offer. A good cup of coffee and a long stroll can lead to great adventures.


This site has evolved many times over the past decade. Though may revisions went published many many did not. This latest rendition is an attempt to be a very public & constant work in progress. If your on some weird old version of IE or your blackberry and things look a little funky, sorry Im not sorry.

Super Nerd Alert Details

The type is set in Volkhov and San Serif Raleway both served up speedily by google, thanks guys. I use Statamic as a cms and use gulp to compile my sass and do a bunch of the clever busy work.